Director of the Center 

Prof. Dr. Philippe Gugler

Professor Dr. Philippe Gugler

Director of the Center for Competitiveness

University of Fribourg



Advisory Board

The members of the Advisory Board, on the basis of their experience and of their international prestige, are an outstanding asset for the Center for Competitiveness' activities. Advisory Board members may at any time advise the Competitiveness Center concerning research and teaching activities. They may also advise the Center for Competitiveness regarding national and international relations with other research institutions, public authorities and private enterprises/associations.

Prof. Dr. Joseph Deiss

Former President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Former President of Switzerland and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and of Economy

Dr. Christian Ketels

Principal Associate, Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School, USA

Prof. Dr. Ana Tavares-Lehmann

Professor at University of Porto, former Secretary of State of Industry of Portugal

Research Team

Samuel Ferreira Gomes

Research Assistant (PhD), University of Fribourg, Switzerland


Mathieu Resbeut

Research Assistant (PhD), University of Fribourg, Switzerland


Basile de Raemy

Master Student, University of Fribourg, Switzerland




The list of our affiliates with pictures can be downloaded here


  • Dr. Vladimir Tomsik, Vice-Governor, Czech National Bank, Czech Republic
  • Prof. Pradit Wanara, President of NIDA, Thailand
  • Prof. Dr. Tan Khee Giap, Co-Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute and Associate Professor of Public Policy at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore and Chairman, Singapore National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Singapore
  • Prof. Viput Ongsakul, Former Dean of the Business School, NIDA, Thailand
  • Prof. Danuvasin Charoen, Associate Dean of the Business School, NIDA, Thailand
  • Prof. Tatchawan Kanitpong, Dean of the Business School, NIDA, Thailand

    Prof. Dr. Tamar Almor, Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences and the Dept. of Psychology, The College of Management, Israel

  • Prof. Dr. José Pla-Barber, Full Professor of International Business, Management Department, University of Valencia, Spain

  • Prof. Dr. Àngels Dasí, Associate Professor at the Department of Business Management, University of Valencia, Spain

  • Prof. Dr. Cristina Villar, Associate professor at the Department of Management, University of Valencia, Spain

  • Prof. Dr. José Guimón, Associate Professor at the Department of Development Economics, Autonomous University, Madrid, Spain

  • Prof. Dr. Gilberto Cardenas, Associate Professor at the Public Finance Department, Autonomous University, Madrid, Spain

  • Ms. Hala Khaled A. Al Ameri, Head of the Competitiveness Office of Abu Dhabi, Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi

  • Mr. Stefan Kraxner, Project Director, Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Specialist, GFA consulting Group, Abu Dhabi

  • Mr. Jacques Bersier, Co-director of EIA Fribourg, Switzerland

  • Dr. Laura Vanoli, Scientific advisor, Federal Department of Finances, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland

  • Dr. Jérôme Dällenbach, Physician (MD) and economist (MA), Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV), Lausanne, Switzerland and professional pilot on commercial aircrafts

  • Dr. Julie Michel, Scientific advisor, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research, Swiss Confederation, Switzerland

  • Dr. Xavier Tinguely, Senior Underwriter Casualty and Financial & Professional Services, Vice President, Swiss Re, Toronto (Canada)

  • Prof. Dr. Fernando Alberti, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness, Italy

  • Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenenaam, Chairman of the Netherlands Institute for Competitiveness, Netherlands

  • Prof. Dr. Ingo Bobel, Head of the Management and Strategy Unit, International University of Monaco, Monaco

  • Ms. Noelia Garcia, Project Manager, ISO Academy, ISO Central Secretariat, Switzerland

  • Prof. Dr. Marc Fetscherin, Professor, Department of Business, Rollins College, USA

  • Mr. Michael Keller, Former Assistant Editor, Competitiveneness Review, Switzerland