Department of Communication and Media Research (DCM)

The DCM aims at teaching and research in the field of mass communication as well as providing a scientific education for students who are interested in jobs of all kinds in the communication sector. 



Symposium Binge-watching: Motives, Experiences, and Effects on Sleep

The symposium is of part the project "Excessive Media use in Times of Netflix. ‘Binge-Watching': Motives, Experiences and Effects on Sleep" and will provide insights into current research on binge-watching.…

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Open Position at the DCM

PhD or Post Doc position in a project directed by Prof. Regula Hänggli and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (either a 100% PhD or a 50% Post Doc position is possible)

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DCM Graduates Awarded for Excellent Diplomas

Giada Calamai, Kaya Berchtold, Pauline Seppey and Ludovic Cuany were honoured for their outstanding academic achievements at the graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences.

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