Bachelor in Communication and Media Research

The University of Fribourg's Bachelor programme in Communication and Media Research in German language aims at describing and explaining media and communication in modern societies. The programme puts an emphasis on actors, content, and effects of public communication as well as its social, political and economic environments. In addition to teaching basics about the interplay between media, society, organisations and individuals, the programme offers insights into the media business.

The branch is available as a major (120 ECTS), which can be combined with one big (60 ECTS) or two small (30 ECTS) minors in other branches, and as a big or small minor (60 respectively 30 ECTS) for students in other major branches.

  • Learning Outcomes

    The Bachelor programme at the Department of Communication and Media Research (DCM) offers you a solid scientific education. Beyond acquiring basic knowledge about the workings of the media in today's society, you learn to research and scrutinise important and exciting aspects of media and communication yourself. In addition, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the media business. Thus, you acquire knowledge and competencies that are in demand in various occupational fields in the media and communication sector. The DCM puts an emphasis on didactics, optimal supervision and regular feedback.

  • Career Openings

    Knowledge about how the media operate and social scientific competences are an important requirement for many careers in the media and communication sector. 

    Our graduates work in media management, journalism, public relations, communication management, marketing, market research, media planning, academia, the public administration, politics and communication consultancy.

  • Bilingual Studies

    In the University of Fribourg's bachelor programmes, you can choose courses in German and French language. If  the proportion of courses in the second language is at least 40%, it will be officially mentioned in your diploma that your study at University of Fribourg was bilingual.

    As an example, you can combine the German major in communication and media research with one or two majors in French language. If you take some of the optional courses in the 2nd and 3rd year of the major programme in French language, you will get the necessary 72 ECTS in French language for the official bilingual diploma.