Johannes Pohlner

Departement für Geowissenschaften

PER 07 bu. 4.306
Ch. du Musée 6
1700 Fribourg
PER 07, 4.306

Forschung und Publikationen

  • articles in peer-reviewed journals

    Pohlner, J. E., Schmitt, A. K., Chamberlain, K. R., Davies, J. H. F. L., Hildenbrand, A., Austermann, G. (2020): Multimethod U–Pb baddeleyite dating: insights from the Spread Eagle Intrusive Complex and Cape St. Mary's sills, Newfoundland, Canada. Geochronology 2, 187–208.

    Pohlner, J. E., El Korh, A., Klemd, R., Grobéty, B., Pettke, T., Chiaradia, M. (2021): Trace element and oxygen isotope study of eclogites and associated rocks from the Münchberg Massif (Germany) with implications on the protolith origin and fluid-rock interactions. Chemical Geology 579, 120352.

    Pohlner, J. E., El Korh, A., Chiaradia, M., Klemd, R., Grobéty, B., Pettke, T. (2022). Iron isotope compositions of subduction-derived rocks: insights from eclogites and metasediments of the Münchberg Massif (Germany). Chemical Geology 602, 120899.