Matthias Eggel

Dr. Dr.

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Matthias Eggel is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Bio-Ethics. His work focuses on animal resarch ethics and ethics of gene editing. His research interests include: Animal research ethics (Suitability, Necessity (3R), Proportionality (HBA)), Conceptualization of Benefit and Harm), gene editing in animalsEthics of agriculture, Ethics of veterinary practice and Human germline gene editing. He is teaching Animal Ethics and environmental Ethics courses for various disciplines (e.g. Life Science, Veterinary and Medical students as well as for transdisciplinary and environmental Studies). Matthias Eggel is a Member of the National Ethics Committee in Animal Experimentation of the Swiss Academies of the Arts and Sciences (SAMW) and Member of the Cantonal Animal Research Proposal Review Committee in Fribourg (“kantonale Tierversuchskommission).

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