Jonas Beck

Dr. rer. nat.

Department of Psychology

RM 01 bu. C-1.106
Rue P.A. de Faucigny 2
1700 Fribourg
RM 01, C-1.106

Research and publications

  • Publications

    Beck, J., Loretz, E., & Rasch, B. (2022). Stress dynamically reduces sleep depth: temporal proximity to the stressor is crucial, Cerebral Cortex, 00, 1-18. DOI:

    Beck, J., Cordi, M. J., & Rasch, B. (2021). Hypnotic suggestions increase slow-wave parameters but decrease slow-wave spindle coupling. Nature and Science of Sleep, 13, 1383-1393. DOI:

    Beck, J., Loretz, E., & Rasch, B. (2021). Exposure to relaxing words during sleep promotes slow-wave sleep and subjective sleep quality. Sleep, 44, 1-14. DOI:

    Wilhelm, I., Schreiner, T., Beck, J., & Rasch, B. (2020). No effect of targeted memory reactivation during sleep on retention of vocabulary in adolescents. Scientific reports10(1), 1-9. DOI:

    Brodt, S., Gais, S., Beck, J., Erb, M., Scheffler, K., & Schönauer, M. (2018). Fast track to the neocortex: A memory engram in the posterior parietal cortex. Science, 362(6418), 1045-1048. DOI: