Olivier Pasche


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PD Dr Olivier Pasche, MD, is a family physician graduated from the University of Lausanne, practicing in a group surgery as an independent clinician since 2006. Since July 2020, he is vice-director of the Institute of Family Medicine (IMF) at the University of Fribourg and responsible for the undergraduate teaching for the Master in Medicine. He is co-author of two books of clinical management guidelines for residents published in 2019, the COMPAS book and Toolbox book. These publications, in the field of medical education, earned him the title of Privatdozent of the University of Fribourg in 2021.

Senior Researcher
Master of Medicine

ARS 02 bu. 290
Rte des Arsenaux 41
1700 Fribourg
Tuesday: morning and afternoon
ARS 02, 290


Olivier has had the opportunity to conduct qualitative clinical research in family medicine published in the European Journal of General Practice in 2019. He has a long experience in postgraduate and undergraduate training as attending physician. As part of his clinical work, he holds a Certificate of Advanced Study in psychosomatic and psychosocial medicine and is a delegator in psychotherapy. He was awarded the Jean-Paul Studer Prize 2019 by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lausanne for "a doctor or a student whose teaching, action or work enhances the humanity of family medicine". In addition, he has carried out several projects in the field of community health in the rural context.