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Call for papers: Call for Papers in honor of Professor Masanao Aoki

posted on 27 August 2012

The editorial board of Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination would like to invite you for the submission of your papers to the special issue in honor of Professor Masanao Aoki.

Professor Masanao Aoki, UCLA emeritus professor, graduated from University of Tokyo with B.S. in physics, and won Ph.D. in engineering at UCLA. He started his career and established himself globally as specialist of control and system theory. His Optimization of Stochastic Systems, Academic Press, 1967 is a classic in the field. His intellectual curiosity eventually turned him to economics. In economics, once again he soon established himself elected Fellow of Econometric Society in 1979. His early contribution to economics includes (1) parameter estimation of large-scaled / decentralized system where he successfully introduced controllability and the related ideas in system theory, (2) the applications of control and system theory to economic systems where he presented elegant analyses of dynamics of two sector models in the open economy, (3) the development of a new algorithm for time series models and its applications to economic data where “Aoki’s method on aggregation” is virtually the same as “co-integration” developed by C. Granger: Aoki M (1990), State space modeling of time series, revised and enlarged Edition, Springer Verlag, 323pp.

Subsequently, he pioneered the applications of the methods of statistical physics and combinatory stochastic process to macroeconomics. He has been a leader in constructing a new perspective for economic science in line with the Society for Economic Science for Heterogeneous Interacting Agents. His numerous contributions in this field are represented by three books:

  • Aoki M (1996): New Approaches to Macroeconomic Modeling: evolutionary stochastic dynamics, multiple equilibria, and externalities as field effects. Cambridge University Press, New York, 288pp.
  • Aoki M (2002): Modeling Aggregate Behavior and Fluctuations in Economics: stochastic views of interacting agents. Cambridge University Press, New York, 263pp.
  • Aoki M. and H. Yoshikawa (2006): Reconstructing Macroeconomics: a perspective from statistical physics and combinatorial stochastic processes. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York, 333pp.

We would like to encourage those of you working in the emerging fields where economic interactions of heterogeneous agents, economic coordination, and behavior of markets are analyzed based on new methods, to seriously consider this opportunity. The instruction for authors follows the JEIC prescriptions. The deadline for submission: 28 February 2013.

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