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Deterministic weighted scale-free small-world networks

Yichao Zhang, Zhongzhi Zhang, Shuigeng Zhou, Jihong Guan

posted on 12 October 2009

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We propose a deterministic weighted scale-free small-world model for considering pseudofractal web with the coevolution of topology and weight. In the model, we have the degree distribution exponent $\gamma$ restricted to a range between 2 and 3, simultaneously tunable with two parameters. At the same time, we provide a relatively complete view of topological structure and weight dynamics characteristics of the networks: weight and strength distribution; degree correlations; average clustering coefficient and degree-cluster correlations; as well as the diameter. We show that our model is particularly effective at mimicing weighted scale-free small-world networks with a high and relatively stable clustering coefficient, which rapidly decline with the network size in most previous models.