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Epidemiology Interacting Many-Body Models

Fredrick Michael

posted on 13 May 2016

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Epidemics occur due to many complex reasons. When physical harm and or damage is brought upon humans by an outside biological agency, such epidemics can usually be traced to a harmful organism directly re- sponsible such as an environment borne virus or an organism transmitted by a host that may or may not be itself harmed by the pathogen . We seek in this letter to derive theoretical models robust to the point of inclusion of any observable deemed relevant from psychological to social demographical to spatial and temporal to discrete and or continuous in interactions to describe statistically and dynamically interactions that lead to or are characteristic of an epidemic, deriving models of interacting many-body systems that are spatial and temporal and that are detailed models of the statistics of the species species interactionsthat are inherent to an epi- demic and furthermore to characterize the outbreak of an epidemic as a resulting critical state of interacting many-body systems that includes the spatial and temporal details sought for.

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