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Fribourg Symposium

Yi-Cheng Zhang and Damien Challet

posted on 16 October 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Last November we had an exciting gathering of many people who are/were
physicists or other natural scientists but are working in finance, insurance
and related sectors -- an occasion built upon the so-called econophysics
community that brought together both academics and practitioners in an
intimate encounter.

We would like to host a similar event this year on the 7th of November in
Fribourg. As a matter of fact we would like to make it a yearly meeting,
generally in the fall, a one- or two-day event that we will tentatively call
the "Fribourg Symposium". Under this title we will regularly bring together a
community of (mostly) Europe-based scientists and former scientists to
exchange ideas and discuss the latest trends and tumults in global finance,
along with modelling and analysis of these phenomena via agent based
approaches, information and data-mining methods. We will complement these
very current topics with discussion of broader issues relating to man and

Last year we made the following prescient statement, which now looks like more of an understatement: "Econophysics has not much studied risk... It is therefore about time to attract the attention of econophysics to risk in general." This year we will place a far greater emphasis on the risk aspect of understanding and modelling.

Currently we would like to limit attendance to about 40 people in total. If you are interested, please send an enquiry, along with supporting materials, to For updated information about the symposium see symposium

Kind regards,

Symposium organizers