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Localization in random bipartite graphs: numerical and empirical study

Frantisek Slanina

posted on 12 July 2017

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We investigate adjacency matrices of bipartite graphs with power-law degree distribution. Motivation for this study is twofold. First, vibrational states in granular matter and jammed sphere packings; second, graphs encoding social interaction, especially electronic commerce. We establish the position of the mobility edge, and show that it strongly depends on the power in the degree distribution and on the ratio of the sizes of the two parts of the bipartite graph. At the jamming threshold, where the two parts have the same size, localization vanishes. We found that the multifractal spectrum is non-trivial in the delocalized phase, but still near the mobility edge. We also study an empirical bipartite graph, namely the Amazon reviewer-item network. We found that in this specific graph mobility edge disappears and we draw a conclusion from this fact regarding earlier empirical studies of the Amazon network.