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PhD Scholarships at IMT Lucca

posted on 26 June 2012


IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca ( is accepting applications, from extremely motivated students oriented towards dynamic and highly applicative research opportunities, for fully-funded positions in its 2013 Doctoral Research Program. The Program offers advanced courses with a focus on the analysis, the design and management of a large variety of socio-theorical systems and aims to contribute the advancement of the frontiers of research.

The Economics Ph.D. Track is in close collaboration with the:

•          Laboratory for the Analysis of Complex Economic Systems (AXES);

•          Laboratory of Innovation Management and Economics (LIME);

•          Research Unit on Institutional Change, Economics, Society (ICES).

The Program deals with issues in political economy, applied public economics, and the functioning of industries and markets, and the impact of macroeconomic factors on the functioning of markets, as well as on productivity and growth. The character of the Track is distinctive in its deployment of a strong integration of theoretical, technical and practical expertise, to educate highly qualified professionals who analyze, plan, and manage concrete applications of political economy. Theoretical methodologies and models are tested through the methodical/systematic investigation of real world case studies. At the end of the program, students will be able to discern the commonalities as well as distinctive features of markets and industries, in reference with regards to economic laws, market regulations and contractual, managing and organizational solutions. The program is designed to prepare candidates for leading positions in the academy and international organizations, as well as in research and consulting centers.

The Management Science Ph.D. Curricula, embedded within the Computer, Decision and Systems Science (CDSS) Track, is in close collaboration with the:

•          Laboratory of Innovation Management and Economics (LIME);

•          Laboratory for the Analysis of Complex Economic Systems (AXES).

The Program is oriented towards managerial decision making in complex organizations based on a quantitative approach to finance, marketing, information systems, operations, organizational behavior, innovation and industrial dynamics. Track participants are expected to acquire a solid grasp of underlying principles of information theory, decision sciences, statistics and numerical methods, along with their organizational and economic implications. Students and faculty address research questions raised by the emerging digital economy, the transformation of organizations and markets, and opportunities for new business models. MS is inherently multi-disciplinary. Study in this area utilizes faculty with backgrounds in economics, management science, computer science, decision sciences and complex system analysis. Although the program is primarily designed to prepare candidates for leading academic positions in top business and industrial engineering schools, a number of our graduates also assume high-level consulting or other industry positions.

In the case of both programs, working with their advisors students create an interdisciplinary curriculum suited to their individual needs, choosing between core and advanced courses, while fulfilling core requirements towards earning their PhD.

Please visit the call website for more details regarding program content, the numerous benefits that students enjoy (including scholarships and room and board), and for the online application form. For more information, contact

Please apply online ONLY by September 26th 2012.

Those interested will be able to hear a real-time presentation of the program on an interactive webinar scheduled for June 28th 2012 (after this date a recording of the same will be available for viewing).  To sign up, go to

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