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Applications are now being accepted for PhD students in the Economics, Management Science and Complex Networks curricula for the 2014/15 PhD program at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca ( 

The Economics curriculum provides participants with a solid knowledge base in microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and management, as well as in some more specific fields, such as political economy and the analysis of complex systems. Students and faculty address a wide range of research questions in the areas of macroeconomics, political economy, economics of innovation and industrial economics. The character of the curriculum is distinctive in its deployment of a strong integration of theoretical, technical and practical expertise, to educate highly qualified professionals who analyze, plan, and manage concrete applications of political economy.

The Management Science curriculum is oriented towards managerial decision making in complex organizations based on a quantitative approach to finance, marketing, information systems, operations, organizational behavior, innovation and industrial dynamics. In particular, during the program students are expected to acquire a solid grasp of underlying principles of information theory, decision sciences, statistics and numerical methods, along with their organizational and economic implications. Students and faculty address research questions raised by the emerging digital economy, the transformation of organizations and markets, and opportunities for new business models.

The Complex Networks curriculum introduces a novel way to look at several natural and technological phenomena. In this curriculum we use this framework derived from the mathematics of Graph Theory, the database analysis of Computer Science and the modelling skills of Statistical Physics to describe some specific natural phenomena. During the program students will carry out research in areas such as the analysis of communities in brain networks; the reconstruction of network of correlation from time series analysis; the use of bipartite networks spectral properties for the clustering of patients with similar diseases definition of chemical networks; the study of the root-apices interaction in plants and the study of channel networks in plants; the study of financial and economic networks from real data. 

All students are based in the newly restored San Francesco complex, a fully integrated campus in the historical center of the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca. The campus includes residential facilities, including an on-site canteen, study and living rooms, and outdoor recreational spaces, all serving to add a cultural and social dimension to the professional experience of the doctoral program. Eligible students will also receive a research scholarship which amounts to approximately €13,600/year.

The PhD program at IMT attracts students from around the world, providing a truly international environment. English is the official language of the Institute. To further enhance the internationality of the program, all students have the opportunity to spend anywhere from 2-9 months abroad at a research institute or university, with the possibility of receiving additional financing through the Erasmus+ program.

To find out more about the institute, the requirements for admission and how to apply, please see  You can also sign up for our free interactive webinar ( scheduled for June 5th 2014.

The deadline for applications is July 14th 2014, 6 pm Italian time. 

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