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Relativistic Theory of Value

Melnyk S., Tuluzov I.

posted on 01 December 2019

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On the basis of the theory of fundamental measurements and the relativistic hypothesis on the absence of a dedicated system of values, a space of 1+1 dimension has been constructed, in which each point is associated with a value (object of possible transaction). An illustrative “model of paints” and their mixtures, the values of which correspond to vectors in this space, has been proposed. It has been shown that the transitions from one system of values to another are described, similarly to physics, by the Lorentz transformations. In the proposed model, all classical relativistic effects are present. For inertial motion in the space of models, the principle of maximum benefit has been formulated, which represents an analog of the principle of least action. In the “model of paints”, the value analog of a homogeneous gravity field has been considered, and the simplest problem of dynamics in this field has been solved. The perspectives of generalization of the developed model for the space of 3+1 dimension and the quantum analog of such space have been analyzed.