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The great econophysics debate (source: "Econophysicists Matter", Editorial, Nature 441(7094) (2006): 667)

(14 June 2005)

Economics and physics are two disciplines that, contrary to widespread perceptions, have significant common agendas. Shame, then, that the professionals don't do more to recognize the fact. After hearing a talk on the application of physics to the social sciences, a physicist in a notoriously traditional department was heard to mutter that it was all very well but it wasn't 'real physics'. It was an article of faith to him that many-body theories in physics could not be applied to animate objects. Now that it seems clear that bacteria, locusts and even road traffic undergo types of dynamic phase transition, this objection is hard to sustain. ...
Collective Evaluation Project An application of the "new information theory"

Yi-Cheng Zhang (14 June 2005)

As if it were yesterday, Econophysics Forum web site actually is seven years old. Around the summer of 1998 a handful of my colleagues who later to be labelled as ’econophysicists’ were wondering how to tap the then new WWW phenomenon to foster the fledging community. The dream was to have a kind of ‘virtual institute’, enabling scientists working on the margins of the traditional disciplines and institutions to mingle and work together. Seven years is a long period, especially in the Information Age. The original vision didn’t bear out completely, but it was an interesting experiment leveraging then primitive web technologies and to have gathered a consistent crowd among the physicists and other scholars in the interdisciplinary domain. ...


Job openings

Research Associate in Reputation and Trust in Online Networks - University College London [URL]

posted by giacomo.livan's picturegiacomo.livan, 03 May 2017

The Financial Computing and Analytics (FCA) group at University College London is actively researching systemic risk in traditional financial and banking sectors as much as in the emerging field of peer-to-peer economics. We are looking for an outstanding researcher with expertise in Network Science, Data Science, or other relevant disciplines. The appointee will contribute to a research project on the investigation of digital reputation and trust in Sharing Economy and P2P platforms....
Junior Researcher (PhD student) - Kiel University

posted by mraddant's picturemraddant, 02 May 2017

The Department of Economics at Kiel University, is searching for a     Junior Researcher (PhD student)   for a 2 year, fixed term, renewable appointment at the  Chair of Monetary Economics and International Finance. The position is initially funded for two years at 50% of full‐time equivalent (19,35 hours), starting on 1 June 2017.  The salary will be based on the German public sector pay scale at grade EG 13 TV‐L. The position comes with a teaching obligation of 2 hours per week (2...
1 Assistant Professor in Economics [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 26 October 2016

Fields: Economics, Applied; Econometrics, Applied; Microeconometrics; Industrial Organization; Political Economy Activity: The position involves research, tutorship and mentoring of IMT Ph.D. students, limited teaching in the Institute's Ph.D. program, and participation in the development of the School's research activities. Profile: IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca invites applications from strong candidates for an Assistant Professor position in Economics....
Post-doc position in data science applications for financial risk modeling

posted by zkostanjcar's picturezkostanjcar, 07 October 2016

The University of  Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing is offering a postdoc research position studying data science applications in financial risk modelling. Please feel free to share this post with any potential candidate. The starting date of the position is late 2016....
International Scouting for Tenure-Track Positions 2016 [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 23 June 2016

The IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (, one of the five Schools of Excellence in Italy, is collecting expressions of interest for Tenure-Track faculty positions from exceptional candidates of all ranks in: Economics, Management and Data Science...


A physical model for efficient ranking in networks

Caterina De Bacco, Daniel B. Larremore, Cristopher Moore

posted by matus's picturematus, 02 October 2017

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A Structural Model for Fluctuations in Financial Markets

Kartik Anand, Jonathan Khedair, Reimer Kuehn

posted by matus's picturematus, 02 October 2017

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Emergent failures and cascades in power grids: a statistical physics perspective

Tommaso Nesti, Alessandro Zocca, Bert Zwart

posted by matus's picturematus, 02 October 2017

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The Strength of Absent Ties: Social Integration via Online Dating

Josue Ortega, Philipp Hergovich

posted by matus's picturematus, 02 October 2017

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Persistent Intraday Correlations Create Skews in Daily-Scale Distributions

T. J. Mazurek

posted by t.j.mazurek's picturet.j.mazurek, 19 September 2017

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Kazuki Ikeda

posted by matus's picturematus, 23 August 2017

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How many paths to simulate correlated Brownian motions?

Antoine Jacquier, Louis Jeannerod

posted by matus's picturematus, 23 August 2017

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Constrained Community Detection in Social Networks

Weston D. Viles, A. James O'Malley

posted by matus's picturematus, 23 August 2017

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Information flow reveals prediction limits in online social activity

James P. Bagrow, Xipei Liu, Lewis Mitchell

posted by matus's picturematus, 23 August 2017

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Fake News in Social Networks

Christoph Aymanns, Jakob Foerster, Co-Pierre Georg

posted by matus's picturematus, 23 August 2017

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