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A Tale of Two Directions

Yi-Cheng Zhang (01 April 2001)

The statistical Mechanics Community used to be a unified fraternality inside the greater physics discipline. We recall that in the golden eighties there were such romantic themes as the then-emergent field: pattern formation, fractals, DLA, SOC, which even some of the most prominent physicists gravitated. No longer. The Community as we know it doesn't exist any more, even though grand meetings like Statphys21 still attract hundreds, but it seems more like an Old-Boys-Club than a place to look up for clues of new directions and inspirations. ...
Let the debate begin

Yi-Cheng Zhang (01 December 2000)

Le Monde published an unusual article ["premier appel"] , ["contre appel"], an appeal of over two hundreds economists of elite French hautes ecoles publicly aired their rebelion against what is called Neo-classical economics, especially the formal math models without pratical relevance. And there is also a pitiful defense of about fifteen economists calling for mercy and reason. I thank Erico Scalas for suggesting to us this piece of news. ...


Job openings

Junior (Assistant) Professorship (W1) for Systemic Risks [URL]

posted by's picturetriesch@fias.un..., 06 June 2014

The Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) and the Institute of Computer Science of the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt invite applications for the following position, which we aim to fill at the earliest possible date:...
PhD Scholarships at IMT Lucca (Italy) [URL]

posted by saraolson's picturesaraolson, 31 May 2014

Applications are now being accepted for PhD students in the Economics, Management Science and Complex Networks curricula for the 2014/15 PhD program at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca ( ...
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Network Neuroscience [URL]

posted by mrubinov's picturemrubinov, 22 May 2014

The Brain Mapping Unit at the University of Cambridge is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Network Neuroscience. Network Neuroscience is an emerging field that uses network science to study brain function. The post holder will analyse functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain networks in health, and in psychiatric/neurological disorders such as autism and Alzheimer's disease. There will be opportunities to work on exciting and original research ideas, and to collaborate with world-leading neuroscientists....
Fully Funded PhD Studentship in Data Science [URL]

posted by preis's picturepreis, 08 May 2014

We are seeking to recruit a creative and highly motivated prospective PhD student who is fascinated by the relationship between information flow on the Internet and real world behaviour, to work with Tobias Preis and Suzy Moat....

posted by marian.serrano's picturemarian.serrano, 23 October 2013

MAPPING COMPLEXITY PROJECT We invite applications for a Post-doctoral Research Associate position (1+1 years) in Network Science-Mapping Complexity at the University of Barcelona (Spain). The successful candidate will be required to join us in the investigation of the theoretical foundations of complex networks embedded in hidden metric spaces to get insights into the connection between the structure and function of complex systems. She/he will also collaborate in mapping real complex systems in different domains with a focus on biology, economy, and sociotechnology....


You are in a drawdown. When should you start worrying?

Adam Rej, Philip Seager, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

posted by matus's picturematus, 12 July 2017

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Transition to Reconstructibility in Weakly Coupled Networks

Benedict J. Lünsmann, Christoph Kirst, Marc Timme

posted by matus's picturematus, 12 July 2017

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Community Discovery in Dynamic Networks: a Survey

Giulio Rossetti, Rémy Cazabet

posted by matus's picturematus, 12 July 2017

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Localization in random bipartite graphs: numerical and empirical study

Frantisek Slanina

posted by matus's picturematus, 12 July 2017

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The effect of the behavior of an average consumer on the public debt dynamics

Roberto De Luca, Marco Di Mauro, Angelo Falzarano, Adele Naddeo

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Risk Model Based on General Compound Hawkes Process

Anatoliy Swishchuk

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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To slow, or not to slow? New science in sub-second networks

Neil F. Johnson

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Probing empirical contact networks by simulation of spreading dynamics

Petter Holme

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Multilink Communities of Multiplex Networks

Raul J Mondragon, Jacopo Iacovacci, Ginestra Bianconi

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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Election forensic analysis of the Turkish Constitutional Referendum 2017

Peter Klimek, Raul Jimenez, Manuel Hidalgo, Abraham Hinteregger, Stefan Thurner

posted by matus's picturematus, 03 July 2017

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