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Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 22 November 2017
My geometry textbook is now complete. 
I will not change it again until after Orthodox Christmas 2018 so my friends in Eastern Europe will have time to read it. Then I will correct any mistakes that people have found and act on any helpful suggestions before publishing.
If you like the textbook and think it will give incoming freshmen students a better background in high school geometry than they are now getting, I would appreciate an endorsement.
Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 24 August 2017

Geometry-Do almost done.


Today's update almost completes Volume One.  I expect Volume One:  Geometry without Multiplication to be finished in a few weeks.  It will be published as a paperback and later - probably next year - I will publish a hardback that includes the blue and black belt chapters, which introduce multiplication.


I have gained a bit of a following at Research Gate, but nobody from the Econophysics Forum has commented.  If there is anybody here with an interest in geometry, I would very much appreciate your comments!

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 15 July 2017

You may share reference to my work.


My current project is a textbook on geometry:

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 09 March 2017

This will soon be published in an education journal.  It has been rewritten extensively since it was first posted here.  Any comments that you have before the paper goes to print would be very much appreciated.

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 26 January 2017

1st year geometry is done, I believe.  This is white-, yellow- and orange-belt.  There is a 20-question green-belt entrance exam on page 82.  I would very much appreciate if people here at the Econophysics form could spend a few minutes taking this exam and report to me if it reflects what is expected of high school geometry students in your country after one year of study.

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 23 December 2016

Brian Lucey smears me by pulling a phrase out of the middle of a sentence and capitalizing the first word to make it look like he was quoting a complete sentence.  But my paper has now been downloaded over 500 times, which proves that there are many people who wish to judge me based on what I actually wrote, not on the edited version that Brain Lucey is peddling.


How many copies of the special econophysics edition to the International Review of Financial Analysis has Brain Lucey sold in this time?  None.  He pocketed my $150 submission fee and then canceled the project after launching his smear campaign against me.  Thief!

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 19 October 2016

I uploaded a new version.


My postulates are now six:


Segment             Two points fully define a segment.
Triangle              Three points fully define a triangle.
Line                     A segment fully defines a line.
Circle                  The center and the radius fully define a circle.
Right Angle        All right angles are equal to each other.
Parallel                A line and a point not on it fully define the parallel through that point.


Also, the new version has a list of theorem through red belt.

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 08 October 2016

Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


My current project is writing a textbook about geometry called Geometry-Do.  I attempt to address the needs of both talented students who are preparing for mathematical competitions as well as practical people like masons and carpenters that use geometry to build things.  Most of these students will drop out in the yellow- or green-belt chapter when Geometry-Do starts getting difficult, but I earnestly hope that they will not sell their textbook to the used book store because they believe the white- and orange-belt chapters are useful enough that they want to keep the book for reference.


Could you please read the white- and orange-belt chapters and tell me if this looks useful?

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 01 September 2016

Geometry-Do update


I have added some theorems to the red-belt chapter  and switched its position with the blue-belt chapter.  Also, I have added quite a few new problems and constructions that are intended to help students training for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Grozny's pictureGrozny said on 28 July 2016


1. Две точки однозначно определяют отрезок.

2. Три точки однозначно определяют треугольник.

3. Отрезок однозначно определяет прямую.

4. Площадь треугольника равна нулю тогда и только тогда, когда его вершины лежат на одной прямой.

5. Центр и радиус однозначно определяютокружность.

6. Все прямые углы равны между собой.

7. Через точку, не лежащую на данной прямой, можно провести одну и только одну прямую, параллельную данной.