New BASI students (50 ECTS) 

Dear students,

We look forward to welcoming you to Fribourg. As you begin your English studies with us, and in order to simplify your registration for our English classes in MyUnifr, please find below some information which will help you to enrol in Lectures and Proseminars.

You will find the study plan online (in French and in German), with an overview.

These are the classes you are advised to take during the first academic year, divided between the autumn and spring terms.


Once you have decided what classes you will take, you must register for them officially on MyUnifr, as well as for the exam session! The official registration period runs from September 9th to October 11th, 2019. Teachers often need to check the enrolment in their classes, hence, it is in your interest to register as early as possible. For your own peace of mind, please complete this process in the first two weeks of the semester, that is,  by September 27.


With our best wishes for the beginning of this semester !