Guest Researcher

Current Guest Researchers:

Ms Li Xixia from China on «The International Labour Organisation form a law perspective»

Mr Rasoul Motazedian from Iran on «The Future Study of Public Participation in Public Policymaking»


Previous Guest Researchers:

Ms Martina Augustin from Austria on «How to Reconcile European Economic Governance with the Budgetary Autonomy of Parliaments?»

Mr Rohit Karki from Nepal on «Nepal’s Transition to Federalism: Accommodation or Exacerbation of Conflict»

Mrs Dr. Polly Datta from India on «Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Potential Revenue Loss of Local Bodies in India - Suggestive Remedial Measures»

Mr Bojan Vlaški from Bosnia & Herzegovina on «Organization of public administration in federalism - specifically in Bosnia and Herzegovina»

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 Mrs Yvonne Heiter-Steiner, Executive Secretary