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When successful research is turned into useful products with more functions, which use less material to build, less energy to operate and create less waste at the end, the quality of life and health of the public will be improved.



Corona: Verschwörungsmythen und andere Seuchen

In der ausgestrahlten Sendung "Sternstunde - Religion" des Schweizer Fernsehen SRF vom 19.4.2020 erklärt Professor Martina King, dass die Verschwörungstheorien und andere religiöse Deutungsversuche um…

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A beetle against allergies

Hardly any other plant is as allergenic as Ambrosia. But now there is a glimmer of hope - thanks to an accidentally introduced beetle. A study, in which the University of Fribourg was a participant, has…

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European research project - predicting tomorrow's fashion

Imagine a clever computer which could explore the internet, then predict next year's fashion in clothing. Who would be interested in such a software? For one, Zalando, the largest online European clothing…

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FriMat Day 2019

Congrats to Dedy Septiadi, winner of the 2019 FriMat day