Managing and Analysing Simulation Data

Ouvert au grand public Colloquium / Congress / Forum

The increasing processing power of HPC systems has enabled the development of realistic simulations of phenomena in different areas, such as Oil and Gaz, engineering, medicine and meteorology. As simulation quality improves, and HPC systems approach exaflop performance, scientists use of simulation output evolve to complex data analytics tasks. Unfortunately, data management systems have completely neglected the domain of numerical simulations leading scientists to express complex analysis using ad-hoc programs on top of proprietary file formats or libraries such as NETCDF and HDF5. In this talk we will present the work we have being developing on data management to support numerical simulations. We will first discuss a technique to answer spatial queries about the uncertainty in simulation results. Next, we will present the SAVIME systems (Simulation and Vizualization in-memory), a multidimensional array DBMS designed with the following principles: to incur in minimum data ingestion overhead; to support complex data structures, such: as meshes, data geometry and simulation metadada; support data visualization and offer users a declarative query interface and optimization.

speaker Dr, Fabio Porto, National Laboratory of Scientific Computing (LNCC), Brazil
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