Johannes Pohlner

Doctorant-e FNS


PER 07 bu. 4.306
Ch. du Musée 6
1700 Fribourg


PER 07, 4.306

  • Biography


    • since 2018: PhD student, University of Fribourg
    • 2012-2018: BSc and MSc studies, Heidelberg University

    Research interests:

    • Igneous and metamorphic petrology
    • Stable isotope geochemistry (Fe, O)
    • Accessory mineral geochronology (baddeleyite, zircon)
    • Paleozoic tectonics

    Current research:

    In my PhD project I focus on the Fe isotope systematics of eclogites and other high-pressure metamorphic rocks in the Münchberg Massif (Germany). Eclogites have experienced a complex history of igneous protolith formation, low-temperature alteration, high-pressure metamorphism in the subducting slab and retrogression. By applying various geochemical and petrologic methods, I try to identify which of these processes are most important for their Fe isotope composition. Further scopes of my project are geochemical cycling and inter-mineral Fe isotope fractionation during the subduction zone metamorphism.