Assistant-e diplômé-e / Assistant-e source tierce


PER 14 bu. 3.332
Ch. du Musée 4
1700 Fribourg


PER 14, 3.332

  • Biography

    Research interests and area

    Environmental history, critical water studies, material culture, social theory, antropology of place, space and territory, Central Asia

    As an anthropologist, I have been engaged since 2015 with water supply and the phenomenon of water in the context of the culture of the primarily rural villages of Kyrgyzstan. The aim of my dissertation Water as a Social Map is to systematically examine the everyday habitat of the water culture, the infrastructure and the environmental changes in the Tschüi and Naryn regions over the course of time. The focus of the study is the water analysis of the Tchüi's and Naryn's cultural landscapes in a large-scale timeframe covering years and decades, as well as a small-scale timeframe of a season.

  • Teaching and courses

    Introduction to human geography II UE-SGG.00156 SP-2020
    Faculty of Science and Medicine

    Wednesday 10:15 - 12:00, PER Room

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