Hanna Mirjam Schübel

Assistant-e diplômé-e / Assistant-e source tierce


PER 14 bu. 3.333.1
Ch. du Musée 4
1700 Fribourg


PER 14, 3.333.1

  • Biography

    I studied Philosophy & Economics (B.A.) at the University of Bayreuth from 2012 to 2016. I hold a Master’s degree in Politics, Economics and Philosophy (M.Sc.) from Universität Hamburg. Since August 2019 I am PhD student and Diploma Assistant at the University of Fribourg Environmental Sciences and Humanities Institute. My research areas are questions of governance for negative emission technologies and their implications for individual moral responsibility.

  • Teaching and courses

    Ethik und Umweltpraxis UE-SSE.00211 SP-2020
    Faculty of Science and Medicine

    Friday 10:15 - 12:00, PER Room

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