collegium emmaus

coordinated by the study center for faith and society

Who we are

The Collegium Emmaus is a community of theological researchers who are committed to an in-depth collaboration on a research programme as friends from various ecclesial backgrounds.

The community wishes to model and encourage a renewed kind of academic culture: dialogical, ecumenical, communal. We believe that theology is fruitfully done in the interplay between academic, ecclesial and social perspectives; therefore, members of the Collegium are engaged in dialogue with partners from academia, the church, and the wider society.

Beyond their research, they are open to participating, where possible, in activities and events that foster the renewal of the church and serve the common good.

We are a voluntary association of researchers from the Swiss universities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Fribourg, and Zurich, both professors and doctoral/post-doctoral researchers.


Our aims

  1. Fostering a theological learning community that is intellectually stimulating and spiritually sustaining.
  2. Wholistically forming people for future leadership in church and society.
  3. Conducting theological research (and teaching) that serves the renewal of the church and society.
  • members of the board / staff

    Dr. Walter Dürr

    Member of the Board

    Director Study Center for Faith and Society

    University of Fribourg

    Prof. Dr. Ralph Kunz

    Member of the Board

    Professor for Practical Theology

    University of Zurich

    Dr. Silvianne Aspray

    Member of the Board

    British Academy

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Cambridge University

    Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schliesser

    Member of the Board

    Professor of New Testament

    University of Bern

    Oliver Dürr

    Administrative Coordinator

    Doctoral Assistant

    Co-worker at the Study Center for Faith and Society

    University of Fribourg

  • fellows

    Prof. Dr. Andrea Bieler


    Professor for Practical Theology

    University of Basel

    Prof. Christophe Chalamet


    Professor of Systematic Theology

    University of Geneva

    Prof. Dr. Barbara Hallensleben


    Professor of Dogmatic Theology

    University of Fribourg

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Schumacher


    Professor of New Testament

    University of Fribourg

    Prof. em. Guido Vergauwen


    Professor emeritus of Fundamental Theology

    University of Fribourg

  • international advisory board

    Prof. Dr. Miroslav Volf

    International Advisor

    Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology

    Founding Director for the Yale Center for Faith and Culture

    Yale Divinity School

    Prof. Kenda Creasy Dean

    International Advisor

    Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture

    Princeton Theological Seminary

    Prof. N. T. Wright

    International Advisor

    School of Divinity Professor

    University of St. Andrews

    Rt. Revd. Dr. Graham Tomlin

    International Advisor

    President of St. Mellitus College

    Bishop of Kensington

    Prof. Dr. Michael Herbst

    International Advisor

    Director of Research Institute for Evangelism and Church Development

    Theological Faculty

    University of Greifswald

  • participants

    Barnabas Aspray (Oxford University); Post-Doktorand und Dozent

    Matthias Bühlmann (Universität Bern); Doktorand

    Dario Colombo (Universität Fribourg); Doktorand

    Matthew Croasmun (Yale University); Post-Doktorand

    Gergely Csukas (Universität Zürich); Post-Doktorand

    Zachary Fischer (Universität Fribourg); Doktorand

    Angela Gorrell (Baylor University, Texas); Professorin

    Agnès Gros (Universität Genf); Doktorandin

    Elio Jaillet (Universität Genf); Doktorand

    Corinne Kurz (Universität Zürich); Doktorandin

    Ryan McAnnally-Linz (Yale University); Post-Doktorand

    Stefanie Neuenschwander (Universität Zürich); Doktorandin

    Benjamin Oester (Universität Fribourg); Doktorand

    Clifford Owusu-Gyamfi (Universität Genf); Doktorand

    Abigail Rusert (Princeton Theological Seminary/Universität Zürich); Doktorandin

    Aaron Schawalder (Universität Fribourg); Doktorand

    Martin Scheidegger (Universität Zürich); Doktorand

    Daniela Seibert (Universität Zürich); Doktorandin

    Andreas Steingruber (Universität Zürich); Doktorand

    Saskia Urech (Universität Bern); Doktorandin