Doktorandenkolloquium, Sa. 15. Juni 2019

mit Miroslav Volf & Hartmut Rosa

Am Samstagvormittag, 15. Juni findet ein Doktorandenkolloquium statt, welches allen Interessierten offensteht. Verschiedene Professorinnen und Professoren, PhD-Studierenden und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern werden mit Miroslav Volf und Hartmut Rosa über "Good Senses: Christ and Ordinary Experience" ins Gespräch kommen.

Good Senses: Christ and Ordinary Experience

In what ways does Christian faith matter not just for how we understand the world and act in it, but also for how we experience the world? Modern critics of religion have claimed that it washes out our experience of the ordinary, that it removes our attention from the world and alienates us from this life. At the same time, critics of modernity have argued that modern life is fundamentally alienating, that in a supposedly secular age we find it hard to be at home in the only world that is left. The question of how a Christian vision of the good life can and ought to inflect our ordinary experience is pressing. To begin to answer that question, we will consider theologically the media of that experience: our senses. Much has been said in the history of theology about the spiritual senses, but what of our corporeal ones? What would it mean to see, touch, hear, smell, and taste rightly? And what light can Christ shed on these questions?

Das Doktorandenkolloquium wird in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Doktoratsprogrogramm "De Civitate Hominis", dem Forschungsprogramm "The Good Life" sowie folgenden Professorinnen und Professoren organisiert:

Prof. Dr. Andrea Bieler (Universität Basel)
Prof. Dr. Barbara Hallensleben (Universität Fribourg)
Prof. Dr. Ralph Kunz (Universität Zürich)
Prof. Dr. Joachim Negel (Universität Fribourg)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schlag (Universität Zürich)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schumacher (Universität Fribourg)