Trip to London 2017

The second study trip to London organized by the Study Centre for Faith and Society took place January 27-31, 2017. This trip was hosted under the shared patronage of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (FSPC) and the Anglican Diocese of London, and brought representatives of  Reformed, Methodist, Old-Catholic and Catholic Churches in Switzerland to England.

The study trip's goal was to deepen the friendship between the Swiss churches and the Anglican Church, and for the Swiss representatives to experience the Anglican Church's revival in London. On the program was a trip to Oxford, where Professor Alister McGrath held a lecture about C.S. Lewis and Emil Brunner. Included were also a reception in the Swiss Embassy in London, many encounters with Anglican Bishops in London,  various worship services, as well as a visit to St. Mellitus College, an Anglican seminary. The encounter with The Rt. Revd Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, was particularly powerful. Chartres told us about some of the challenges the Church of England is facing, and the opportunities that come with them. He encouraged the Swiss delegation to be ‘enablers’ in their own churches.  We are grateful for a deeply enriching and fruitful study trip that forged new ties between Switzerland and England, and has been a continuing source of inspiration and encouragement to us.

Gottfried Locher appointed Honorary Ecumenical Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Meeting Former Bishop of London Richard Chartres was very impressive. During this visit the bishop told us about the challenges and opportunities of the Anglican Church in the 21st century and encouraged those present to be "facilitators" in their own churches. Another highlight of this London trip was the appointment of Dr Gottfried Locher as Canon of St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Visit of the Oxford University with Prof. Alister McGrath