Consultation 2020: Towards a Renewed Theological Culture

Académique ou spécialiste Colloquium / Congress / Forum

The research program of the Collegium Emmaus, entitled «God and the Good Life: Theology, Community and the Common Good», hosts a consultation on the 20.–21. March 2020. The aim of these consultations is to explore new (and at the same time old) ways of doing theology: a theology that combines intellectual rigor with lived spirituality, and ecclesial engagement.

Our consultations seek to foster dialogue and friendship with researchers from all over the world who are engaged in projects we believe to be heading in a similar direction as «God and the Good Life.»

This Consultation will focus on the following questions:
- What are the new (or old) ways of doing theology that combine intellectual rigor, spirituality, and social engagement?
- What is the future of theology as an academic discipline?
- What is the role of personal and communal prayer for academic theology?
- What contribution (if any) does theology offer towards fostering a renewed academic culture?

Format: All the members of the Collegium read the papers in advance. The invited researchers will deliver a concise summary of their paper (15min). Two Members of the Collegium or associated researchers will respond to this paper with a written statement (15min/each), which is followed by a discussion (75 min/presentation).

Confirmed Guests:
- John Behr
- Graham Ward
- Matthew Croasmun
- Anne Käfer
- Graham Tomlin
- Kevin Hector

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