Our History

Theology is best done in dialogue. This conviction led to the establishment of the Study Centre for Faith and Society in 2014 and still characterizes its mission today.

The theological dialogue which we embody and foster brings together insights from different Christian traditions to further the life of the Church. The Study Centre was made possible through the collaboration of Catholic and Protestant Christians, who believed that the gap between academia and the Church needed to be bridged for the benefit of both.

It all began with the vision of organizing a conference that would be a platform from which academic theology could serve the Church and be inspired by her in return. We were delighted (and surprised!) that N.T. Wright, renowned both for his theological prowess and practical insight, accepted our invitation to be our keynote speaker in June 2014. The conference was overwhelmingly well-received among those attending -  both university sudents and others. Therefore we decided to organize another the following year. Since then, these annual conferences have become the most substantial of their kind in Switzerland.

June 2014 also marked the public launching of the Study Center for Faith and Society in its present form. In accordance with our statutes, the Study Centre is a part of the University of Fribourg by means of our affiliation with the Institute for Ecumenical Studies.

Image : Speech by Prof. Dr. Barbara Hallensleben at the creation of the Study Center for Faith and Society (SCFS)