Spirituality, mysticism and prayer in times of political unrest

"Watch and pray" (Mk 14:38). This is what Jesus asks of his disciples and yet, they're sleeping. In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus watches and prays and struggles with God. He speaks the words he taught his disciples just before: "Not what I want, but what you want! (Mk 14:35). What does Jesus' prayer mean for our prayer today? We follow its depth and ask about the substance of Christian spirituality, mysticism and prayer for our time.


During the seventh conference for theological and social renewal from 17 to 19 June 2020, perspectives for the renewal of theology, church and society will be presented and discussed. Many important representatives from church, academy and society from Switzerland and abroad will be involved. Let the lectures and in-depth seminars surprise and inspire you.


The official brochure and detailed information on the programme and registration will follow in autumn / winter 2019.

From Wednesday to Friday,
17 - 19 June 2020

with Brothers of Taizé, Silvianne Aspray, Hans Boersma, Peter Bouteneff, Barbara Hallensleben, Peter Zimmerling and many more.