Mercredi 12 Juin 2019

   09.00 Accueil et méditation

   09.15 Accueil officiel: Doyen de la Faculté de théologie de l'université de Fribourg

              Prof. Dr. Luc Devillers

   09.20 Introduction de Dr. Walter Dürr

  • 09.30 Conférence #1: Miroslav Volf - Theology and What Matters the Most

    Christian theology is in crisis, largely because it has lost its nerve and forgotten its purpose to help discern, articulate, and commend compelling visions of flourishing life in the light of God’s self-revelation in Jesus Christ.  What is the nature of that forgetfulness and why does it matter that it be overcome?

   10.15  Pause

  • 10.45 Conférence #2: Miroslav Volf - Theology of Flourishing Life

    One way to overcome the crisis of theology is to center it around flourishing. Historically, the two most potent images of flourishing are the Garden of Eden and the New Jerusalem, and each is a variation on one of the overarching themes of the entire Bible: the world as the home of God. In God’s home each human being flourishes with all other creatures and the entire creation flourishes together.

   11.30 Pause

   11.45 Response de Prof. Dr. Veronika Hoffmann (Université de Fribourg)
              et Prof. Dr. Christophe Chalamet (Université de Genève)

   12.30 Pause de midi

   14.30 Break-out Sessions

   15.45 Pause

   16.15 Discussion : "Renewal of Theological Formation" avec
              The Rt Revd Graham Tomlin (St Mellitus College, London),
              Pfr. Thomas Schaufelberger (A+W, Zürich),
              Prof. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean (Princeton Theological Seminary) et
              Matt Croasmun (Yale Center for Faith and Culture)

   17.15 Lancement du "Research Program":
              "God and the Good Life: Theology, Community and the Common Good."

   17.15 Apéritif dinatoire

   18.00 Pause

   19.00 Célébration Oecuménique à la cathédrale Saint-Nicolas de Fribourg


Jeudi 13 juin 2019

   09.00 Méditation

  • 09.15 Conférence #3: Miroslav Volf - The Challenge of Universality

    It is sometimes said that theological claims to universality – its articulation of one God as the life of the entire world – pose significant threats to social peace in pluralistic environments and suppress the particularities of individual persons. But for Christian theologians it is possible to make claims to universality without squeezing societies and individuals in a pre-set mold.

   10.00 Pause

  • 10.30 Conférence #4: Miroslav Volf - Theological Life

    The personal lives of astrophysicists or of molecular biologists seem largely irrelevant to doing astrophysics and microbiology. But this is not true of theologians. Their lives need to align, in some sense at least, with the way of life they seek to re-articulate and commend; theologians need to seek to speak the truth not just in words but also “in the form of a manifestation of existence,” as Michel Foucault approvingly wrote of the Cynics.

   11.15 Pause

   11.30 Response de Prof. Dr. Thierry Collaud (Université de Fribourg)
              et Prof. Dr. Andrea Bieler (Université de Bâle)

   12.15 Pause de midi

   15.15 Response de Prof. Dr. Miroslav Volf

   15.30 Pause

   16.00 Discussion: Miroslav Volf, Hartmut Rosa et Wim Wenders


   19.30 Soirée culturelle: Film et discussions avec Wim Wenders


Vendredi 14 juin 2019

   09.00 Méditation

   10:00 Pause

   11.15 Pause

   12.30 Pause de midi

   14.30 Break-out Sessions

   15.45 Pause

   16.15 Discussion: Miroslav Volf et Hartmut Rosa

   17.00 Conclusions