Information for students

  • Courses

    Teaching will take place under "normal" conditions from the autumn semester onwards, as far as this is possible and justifiable in view of the situation. Courses are in principle taught on-site. In justified cases, the faculties may authorise distance learning courses.

    As far as possible, the minimum distance between all participants recommended by the authorities must be respected for face-to-face courses. Especially in seminar rooms, it must (also) be ensured that the minimum distance between teachers and participants is respected (if necessary by freeing the seats / front row).

    If the minimum distance cannot be maintained, students/participants must wear masks in the auditoriums and seminar rooms. In addition, the distance between people is maximized according to the room configuration (in particular by occupying in principle only every second seat) and the installation of the Swiss-Covid application is expressly recommended.

    Attendance will be recorded for all courses (for occasional events) or (for regular courses) an announcement must be made (in principle by registering for the course via myUNIFR).

    The faculties can decide on appropriate additional protective measures (e.g. allocation of places).

    More details in the  Guidelines for the Organisation of Courses in the Autumn Semester 2020

  • Examinations

    With regard to the organisation of the September 2020 exam session, the Guidelines of the Rectorate dated 6 April 2020 shall apply. Please also consult, with regard to the exams, the faculties' websites:

  • Access to the university buildings

    The university buildings are open according to the regular schedule.

    Opening hours of the buildings

  • Mensas

    The university restaurants and cafeterias are open according to the regular schedule. For details of opening hours, please refer to the respective websites.
    The customers of the university restaurants and cafeterias must wear a homologated mask in the building in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Office of Public Health. This does not apply to people sitting at tables.
    In terms of traceability and taking into account the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health and the canton, university restaurants use the "OK-resto" system. Customers provide their contact details and the date and time of their visit via the system or – if they do not have a smartphone with them – by filling in manually a form. These data are destroyed after 15 days.

  • Libraries

    The activities and services of the libraries are carried out and offered, and a special regime is set up which takes account of the rules and preventive measures as well as the distance requirements. Users must wear a homologated mask in libraries in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Office of Public Health. This does not apply to persons sitting at tables. 

    Lending is possible according to the conditions set by each library. Detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the library portal.

  • Sport facilities

    Guided training sessions may be held in the sports halls of the University of Fribourg. Online registration is required to attend each lesson. The cloakrooms and showers are open according to the general rules. Details can be found on the website of the University Sports Office.

    In addition, the Miséricorde, Pérolles and Regina Mundi gyms can be visited in compliance with the hygiene measures prescribed by the Federal Office of Public Health and after online reservation of the training time.
    The full range of courses on offer and details of the individual courses can be found on the website of the University Sports Services.

  • Counter openings

    The university counters are generally open according to the regular schedule. For the current status and opening hours, please refer to the respective websites.

  • Research

    According to the decisions of the government of the Canton of Fribourg, teleworking will be facilitated (but no longer privileged). With the written consent of the supervisor(s) (download form) teleworking can be used.
    The proportion of telework may not exceed 50% of the degree of employment. Where necessary, presence on university premises may be required, particularly for activities which require physical presence.
    It is incumbent on the supervisors or heads of the units/groups to draw up attendance and prevention plans for their own employees and other persons (especially students), for which they are responsible and which comply with the general guidelines.

    More information on this subject on the page dedicated to researchers.

 Please take note of the additional provisions of each faculty regarding the conduct of teaching and exams: