Information for students

  • Financial assistance

    Have you lost your job and are going through a difficult financial period?

    Uni-Social is there for you: 

    +41 26 300 71

    Hours of attendance


  • Courses

    On-site teaching outside the semester (e.g. language courses, specific offers) shall be authorised again from 8 June 2020 (up to a number of 300 participants), provided that the responsible teacher draws up a protection plan and ensures that an attendance list is established. The preventive measures issued by the Federal Council and the recommendations and protective measures of the Confederation must be respected.

    For matters relating to teaching from the autumn semester of 2020 onwards, the Rectorate has set up a working group to propose university-wide guidelines; this working group is called upon to provide general concepts and essential basic principles so that the Rectorate can decide on a general policy, the implementation and concretisation of which will be the responsibility of the faculties, so that each faculty can take account of its specific characteristics and needs.

    Chaired by the Vice-Rector, Education, this working group will include representatives from the faculties as well as from the academic, administrative and IT directorates. The first report should be submitted to the Rector's Office in early July 2020 and decisions will be made during the summer.

  • Examinations

    With regard to the organisation of the June 2020 exam sessions, the guidelines of the Rectorate of 6 April 2020 apply. 

    Please also consult the websites of the faculties for further:

     Recommendations for online exams: french / german

  • Access to the university buildings

    The university buildings are open according to the regular schedule.

    Opening hours of the buildings

  • Mensas

    The university restaurants and cafeterias are open, depending on the rhythm of the intersemester. See the restaurants' website for details of opening times/days/times.

  • Libraries

    The activities and services of the libraries will be successively expanded, with a special regime being set up to take account of the rules and preventive measures as well as the distance requirements. Lending is again possible in accordance with the conditions set by each library. Detailed and up-to-date information can be found on the library portal.

  • Sport facilities

    In the sports halls of the University of Freiburg guided trainings are allowed. An online registration is required to attend all lessons. The cloakrooms and showers will be opened successively. Details can be found on the website of the Sports service.

    In addition, the Pérolles and Regina Mundi gyms can be visited in compliance with the hygiene measures prescribed by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and after online reservation of the training time. (Due to extension work, the Miséricorde gym will again be available from the end of July 2020). The full range of courses on offer and details of the individual courses can be found on the website of the Sports service.

  • Army / Civil Protection

    Applications for leave of absence against the background of the Covid 19 pandemic for the spring semester 2020 due to a marching order of the Swiss Armed Forces, a draft of the civil protection or an official draft of another public institution are to be submitted to and will be handled as follows with immediate effect and until further notice:

  • Counter openings

    The reopening of the university's counters will continue to take place gradually and in accordance with needs. Regarding the current status and opening hours, please refer to the respective websites.

  • Research

    In agreement with the supervisors/heads of units/groups, teleworking may continue to be used for research activities that can be carried out remotely. Where necessary and/or appropriate, presence on university premises is possible, in particular for activities requiring physical presence. It is the responsibility of the supervisors / heads of units/groups to draw up attendance and prevention plans for their own employees and other persons (especially students) for which they are responsible.

    More information on this subject on the page dedicated to researchers.

  • Remote access

    Remote access to university internal applications or file stores is guaranteed. Some services require the installation of the VPN, whose capacities have been increased.

    Support for students

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