Document, Image and Video Analysis (DIVA) Research Group

Welcome to the website of the DIVA research group at the University of Fribourg. Our reserach involves many different fields dealing with multimedia engineering, machine learning and data analysis.


Blog Post on the SigOpt Website

University of Fribourg uses SigOpt to develop a spectral initialization strategy to increase classification accuracy on medical images by 2.2%

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Challenging Human Supremacy in the Trick Taking Card Game Jass

Since verbal communication is forbidden, the only way to transmit information within the team is through a player’s play-style. This makes the game a particularly suitable candidate subject to continue the research on AI in cooperation games with hidden information.
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Graph-based Classification of Intestinal Glands in Colorectal Cancer Tissue Images
We propose a novel graph-based method for intestinal gland classification, which we evaluate on a new, publicly-available dataset.
ICDAR 2021

We are happy to announce that our proposal to host ICDAR 2021 in Lausanne, Switzerland has been accepted by the ICDAR committee.