Dr. Christoph Leuenberger


T: +41 26 300 8236

Address: Bd de Pérolles 90, 1700 Fribourg

Office: C 321



Main research activities

  • Stochastic and bioinformatic modelling for the inference of demographic histories and selection
  • Developing Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) in collaboration with the Wegmann Lab



Teaching activities



Selected Publications

Here is a link to my Google Scholar Profil.

  • Statistical Modeling and Inference in Genetics
    C. Leuenberger, D. Wegmann
    In Handbook of Statistical Genomics, 4th Edition. Eds. Moltke I & Balding D. Wiley & sons. (2020)
  • The optimal rate for resolving a near-polytomy in a phylogeny
    M. Steel, C. Leuenberger
    Journal of Theor. Biol. 420, 174-179 (2017)
  • Inference of evolutionary jumps in large phylogenies using Lévy processes
    P. Duchen, C. Leuenberger, S. Szilagyi, L. Harmon, J. Eastman, M. Schweizer, D. Wegmann
    Systematic Biology 66 (2) (2017)
  • Inferring heterozygosity from ancient and low coverage genomes
    A. Kousathanas, Ch. Leuenberger, V. Link, C. Sell, J. Burger, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 205, 317-332 (2017)
  • Early Farmers from across Europe directly descended from Neolithic Aegeans
    Z. Hofmanova et al. (including C. Leuenberger)
    PNAS 113, 6886-6891 (2016)
  • Likelihood-free inference in high-dimensional models
    A. Kousathanas, C. Leuenberger, J. Helfer, M. Quninodoz, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 203 (2), 893-904 (2016)
  • An approximate model for the Wright-Fisher diffusion and its application to time-series data
    A. Ferrer-Admettla, C. Leuenberger, J.D. Jensen, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 203 (2), 831-846 (2016)
  • Parallel adaptations to nectarivory in parrots, key innovations and the diversification of the Loriinae
    M. Schweizer, M. Güntert, O. Seehausen, C. Leuenberger, S. Hertwig
    Ecology and Evolution 4, 2867-2883 (2015)
  • Explicit Bounds
    L. Dümbgen, C. Leuenberger.
    In J. Steven Miller, ed. Benford's Law: Theory and Aplications; Princeton University Press (2015)
  • Taxon sampling and the optimal rates of evolution for phylogenetic inference
    C. Leuenberger, J.P. Townsend
    Systematic Biology 60(3) 358--365 (2011)
  • Analysis of ratios in multivariate morphometry
    H. Baur, C. Leuenberger
    Systematic Biology 60(6) 813--825 (2011)
  • Bayesian computation and model selection without likelihoods
    C. Leuenberger, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 184(1) 243--252 (2010)
  • Efficient approximate Baxesian computation coupled with Markov chain Monte Carlo without likelihood
    L. Excoffier, C. Leuenberger, D. Wegmann
    Genetics 182(4) 1207--1218 (2008)
  • Explicit bounds for the approximation of error in Benford's law
    L. Dümbgen, C. Leuenberger
    Statistics and Probability Letters 63(4) 361--365 (2003)
  • Benford's law for exponential random variables
    H.-A. Engel, C. Leuenberger
    Statistics and Probability Letters 63(4) 361--365 (2003)
  • Transversal group actions on CR manifolds and embeddability
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
    Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Second Series 55(4) 507--527 (2003)
  • Quasiconformal contactomorphisms and polynomial hulls with convex fibers
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics 51(5) 915--935 (1999)
  • Higher dimension Riemann maps
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
    International Journal of Mathematics 90(4) 421--442 (1998)
  • Lempert mappings and symplectic forms
    Z. Balogh, C. Leuenberger
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 3289--3292 (1997)