Our group offers courses for bachelor and master students in information systems, computer science, management, and economics. Below you can find the courses related to decision support and operations research that are currently given (further information can be found on the webpage of the University). Hereafter, you also find some examples of  BA or MA theses in the field of Decision Support & Operations Research. Note that we currently have several industrial projects within which students can do a BA or MA thesis. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us

Bachelor Courses

Master Courses

Student Projects

General information

If you are interested in doing a BA or MA thesis in the field of Decision Support & Operations Research, do not hesitate to contact us.


Selected projects

End time Project Title Project type (study program) Student Supervisor
Ongoing A decomposition method for a path partitioning problem Bachelor thesis (Infomation Systems) Valentin Mulder Reinhard Bürgy
Ongoing A web-based waste collection game Bachelor thesis (Informatics) Mevlüt Tatli Reinhard Bürgy, Maurizio Rigamonti
Ongoing Combinatorial heuristics for a two-level waste collection problem Master thesis (Information Management) Alain Kolp Reinhard Bürgy
Ongoing Combinatorial algorithms for large-scale train scheduling on a complex rail network (industrial partner: SBB) Master thesis (Informatics) Fabio Degiacomi Reinhard Bürgy
Oct 2019 Scheduling a large Asian Soccer League Bachelor thesis (Informatics) Jonas Diesbach Reinhard Bürgy
Aug 2017 Analyse der Tourenplanung eines Online-Supermarktes Master thesis (Information Management) Vera Fischer Bernard Ries, Tony Hürlimann
Aug 2017 Utilisation de méthodes heuristiques dans le cadre de l'optimisation des tournées de livraison Master thesis (Management) Lenna Gerber Marino Widmer
Aug 2017 Ottimizzazione del reparto delle manutenzioni del "Relais Villa D'Amelia" in Piemonte, Italia Bachelor thesis (Management) Caroline Julmy Marino Widmer
Aug 2017 Ottimizzazione dei flussi di produzione - La casa farmaceutica IBSA Master thesis (Management) Ilaria Carlini Marino Widmer
Jun 2017 The Application of Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Methods on Discrete Choice Problems Master thesis (Management) Mohammad Aldabbas Marino Widmer
Apr 2017 Projektplanung: Mobiles Container-restaurant Bachelor thesis (Management) Jonas Urwyler Bernard Ries
Nov 2016 Amélioration des systèmes de production - Des pratiques Lean aux concepts d'industrie 4.0 (Wifag - Polytype) Bachelor thesis (Management) Grégoire Bovet Marino Widmer
Aug 2016 Le potentiel de réduction des coûts de VR Group grâce à l'analyse Quick Scan Bachelor thesis (Management) Nicolas Donzallaz Marino Widmer
Aug 2016 Modélisation et optimisation des flux de masse de l'usine Cailler Master thesis (Management) Andrea Guidicelli Marino Widmer
Sep 2016 Système d'aide à la décision: Conception et développement d'un calculateur d'itinéraire optimal pour véhicules électriques Bachelor thesis (Information Systems) Loïc Voillat Bernard Ries