Core Module: European and Global Business 

The core of the programme is the module “European and Global Business” in which you have to obtain at least 27 ECTS (i.e. take about 6 courses). All courses in this module have a focus on international business. Here, only courses in English language are listed, however, additional courses in German or French are offered. 

Two courses are strongly recommended for the module, namely: 

  • Fundamentals of International Management (D. Morschett)
  • Managing the Multinational Network (D. Morschett) 

Other courses that can be accredited towards the core module are (selection): 

  • Intercultural Management (E. Davoine)
  • Case Studies in International Strategy (R. Grünig)
  • Transnational Enterprises in Global Societies (P. Dembinski)
  • Strategic Value Creation (M. Hilb)
  • European Marketing (D. Morschett)
  • Advanced Seminar in International and European Business (D. Morschett)
  • Globalization, Income Distribution, and Economic Growth (V. Grossmann)
  • SME in the Global Value Chain (P. Dembinski)

For the currently valid list, you should check the faculty’s website

In addition, the University of Fribourg cooperates in the BeNeFri-network with the neighbouring universities of Berne and Neuchatel. Courses from their course lists can also be taken and can – after permission by the programme responsibles – be accredited towards the optional modules of the Master of Arts in International and European Business.