Sibylle Lustenberger

Dr. in Sozialanthropologie

 +41 26 300 7848

  • Anthropologie der Verwandtschaft und der sozialen Beziehungen
  • Schnittstelle zwischen Verwandtschaft, Religion und Politik
  • Neue Reproduktionstechnologien im globalen Kontext
  • Israel und Judentum
  • Sexualität und Geschlecht


My major research interest lies in the ongoing significance of kinship for the reproduction of collective identities and social structures in (post)modern states. In my PhD dissertation that I completed in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. em Edouard Conte, I examined the formation of same-sex parenthood in Israel, where the Orthodox rabbinate has considerable influence in national family law. I asked how current definitions of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, in interaction with local understandings of reproduction and the globalized market of medicalized reproductive technologies, shape the possibilities of same-sex couples to form families of their own. Considering the wide range of parenthood rights, Israeli same-sex couples have achieved in the last two decades, I was particularly interested in the dynamics between religious and secular logics. In addition, I asked to what extent the formation of same-sex parenthood through medical, bureaucratic and political practices, reproduce or challenge social boundaries and hierarchies.

Building upon these insights, my recent research project has adressed current transformations and debates about homosexuality and same-sex parenthood in Jewish Orthodox communities. The life realities of LGBT people from religious homes provide fascinating insights into how Jewish law (halakha) is made in daily life interactions, little gestures, fictions, and ambiguities.

Forschung und Publikationen

  • Publikationen

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