A Few Questions with Prof. Jens Stein

1.    What is your research focus?

Prof. Stein: "We visualize ongoing immune responses in model organisms using optical tools and image processing. The obtained data help to understand the spatiotemporal orchestration of an immune response leading to host protection."

2.    What do you find particularly interesting/appealing about our Faculty?

Prof. Stein: "The Faculty has been very good in equally distributing available funds to all Professors, therefore creating a level playing field."

3.    What do you wish to achieve here in Fribourg?

Prof. Stein: "We aim to continue the successful research line we have established, while reaching out to new local collaborations. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to immunology teaching through visual concepts.."

4.    What is your personal message or passion you would like to share with our students?

Prof. Stein: "Immunology is currently revolutionizing medicine. The best-documented example is the successful “checkpoint inhibitor” therapy for cancer patients. But also many other diseases are now recognized to be linked with immunological defects. Yet, many immunological processes are still not well understood. A thorough understanding of basic mechanisms of immunology helps to address these issues now and in the next decades. "