Research Groups

Annoni Group

Cognitive and Neurological Sciences

Bresciani Group

Control and Perception Laboratory

Capogrosso Group

Neural control of movement

Celio Group


Cook + Togni Group


Filgueira Group

Clinical Anatomy and Cell Biology

Dulloo Group

Laboratory of Nutritional Energetics and Body Composition Regulation

Hasler Group

Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie
Stress- und Depressionsforschung

Huber Group

Development of neuronal and endocrine neural crest derivates

Hoogewijs Group

Integrative oxygen physiology

Medical Humanities (Martina King)

Kulturelle Dimensionen der Medizin - medikale Dimensionen der Kultur

Lauber-Biason Group


Mantel Group

Immunology and infectious diseases

Merlo Group

Laboratory for Psychiatric Neuroscience and Psychotherapy

Nordmann Group

Emerging Antibiotic Resistances

Rainer Group

Visual Cognition Laboratory

Rüegg Group

Tumor angiogenesis and metastasis

Rouiller Group

Laboratory of neurophysiology of action and hearing

Schwaller Group

Neuropsychiatric diseases, cancer biology and calcium-binding proteins

Spierer Group

Laboratory for Neurorehabilitation Science

Stein Group

Imaging-based analysis of adaptive immune responses

Szabo Group

Biological roles of labile, diffusible molecules

Yang Group

Laboratory of Vascular Biology

Taube Group

Movement and sport science

Schmid Group

Systems Neurosciences Laboratory

Walch Group

Immunology and infectious deseases

Prsa Group

Sensorimotor Neuroscience Laboratory