Offres d'emploi

  • Post-doctoral position in Microbiology - Département OMI

    Emerging antibiotic resistance is being recognized as a crosscutting threat to global health. Multidrug resistance is observed currently mostly in Gram-negative bacteria. It is dominated by the emergence of carbapenemase producers and to a certain extend to resistance to polymyxins and fosfomycin. Carbapenemases are bacterial ?-lactamases that hydrolyze almost all broad- spectrum ?-lactams, including the carbapenems (i.e. imipenem). Curtailing their spread requires a better understanding of the plasticity of carbapenemase genes at different levels, from bacterial species constituting their reservoir to their final host, once acquired. Polymyxins and Fosfomycin are now considered as last resort antibiotics for treating infections due to multidrug resistant bacterial infections.

    To join the research group of Prof. Nordmann at the Section of Medicine of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), we offer a Post-doctoral position in Microbiology to work in a clinically-relevant projects at the interface of genetics, biochemistry and medical microbiology.

    Your project: You will investigate in particular the mobilization processes of resistance genes from their natural reservoirs to their targets and participate to decipher any novel antibiotic resistance mechanisms including to fosfomycin. You will also contribute to the discovery of novel resistance genes that are spreading worldwide, to develop novel rapid diagnostic tests for antibiotic resistance detection and evaluate/develop novel antibiotics .

    You have: a PhD degree in Life Sciences or/and MD/Pharm D degree in Medicine/Pharmacy and a strong interest in studying antibiotic resistance in the context of molecular microbiologyO/and protein analyses

    We offer: Cutting-edge research projects, excellent research facilities and full funding and the possibility to join a highly competitive group.

    The position would start best 01.11.2020

    Please send your complete documentation (CV, publication list..) to Prof. Patrice Nordmann at:

  • Animalier-ère (90-100%)

    auprès de la section de médecine de l’Université de Fribourg

    Délai de postulation: 21.08.2020

    Domaine d’activité

    • Travail avec les animaux de laboratoire (différentes espèces de mammifères)
    • Entretien et nettoyage des animaux
    • Intendance des animaleries : nettoyage des locaux et cages
    • Gestion des commandes
    • Divers travaux administratifs en lien avec l’animalerie
    • Contact avec les chercheurs, vétérinaires et personnel de laboratoire
    • Formation continue : cours de perfectionnement

    Exigence du poste

    • CFC d’animalier ou formation équivalente
    • Plusieurs années d’expériences
    • Faculté à travailler en toute autonomie ainsi qu’en collaboration avec les chercheurs et les autres collaborateurs
    • Service de garde le week-end en alternance


    • Français ou allemand

    Entrée en fonction

    • 01.11.2020 ou date à convenir

    Délai de postulation

    • 21.08.2020

    Votre dossier complet est attendu de préférence par e-mail ou par poste

    Université de Fribourg
    Section de médecine

    Karine Schneuwly

    Chemin du Musée 5
    1700 Fribourg

      karine.schneuwly [at]

    De plus amples informations peuvent être obtenues auprès de
    Professeur Gregor Rainer

    +41 26 300 86 89

  • Animal Research Technician (80-100%)

    Research Group Szabo, Department OMI, Section Medicine, University of Fribourg

    The Research Group Szabo is currently seeking for an Animal Research Technician. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join a dynamic research team involved in the study of the pathophysiological role of oxidants, free radicals and gaseous transmitters in critical illness. We seek an experienced candidate who can both support the management of and care for laboratory animals, as well as conduct in-vivo studies while ensuring regulatory compliance with the Swiss Animal Protection Regulations.


    Job Facts 

    •  Job type: Contract, 80-100%  
    • Job reference number: Pharm_AL01
    • Discipline: Laboratory Technician
    • Location: Fribourg, Switzerland
    • Function: University of Fribourg
    • Division: Department OMI – Research group Szabo


    Job Responsibilities 

    • Monitor and document the health status of animals under experimentation & breeding on a daily basis
    • Perform the breeding of rodent strains and document the strain characteristics
    • Execute the genotyping of laboratory mice and rats
    • Support the research group in the conduction of preclinical studies that involve the in-vivo administration of substances, and blood and organ collection.
    • Operate in collaboration with other animal caretakers to coordinate the maintenance of the Pharmacology Animal Facility, including the general stock maintenance, hygiene levels of the facility, & animal cage changing)


    Skills & Requirements 

    • BSc or equivalent technical degree in biology or life science
    • Training in animal handling according to Swiss legislation in Animal Welfare (LTK1) or equivalent
    • Minimum 3 years of working experience in rodent handling and monitoring
    • Proficiency in rodent breeding, rodent identification techniques, DNA extraction and in real-time PCR assays
    • Competency in the intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, intravenous, & oral gavage routes of administration in rodents
    • Capability in tissue collection and ex-vivo immunohistochemical techniques is advantageous, but not essential for the role  
    • Demonstrable independency, multitasking & task management
    • Communication fluently in English & French
    • Skillful in email communication & MS office software
    • A team player with a great motivation to contribute in cutting-edge research and eagerness to learn, develop and establish new techniques.



    • 15 January 2020



    • 12 months, with possible extension(s)




  • Laborantin(e) de recherche (80-100%) - Département OMI

    Pathologie, Département OMI, Faculté de Science et Médecine Université de Fribourg

    Nous cherchons un(e) laborantin(e) motivé(e) et indépendant(e) pour un projet de recherche en cancérologie (developpment d’un test sanguin de diagnostique du cancer du sein). Des connaissances des techniques de biologie moléculaire (avancées), de cytométrie en flux (Multicolor, FACSDIVA, FlowJo) et culture cellulaire sont nécessaires.






    Octobre 2020



    deux ans


    Votre lettre de motivation, CV, attestations, certificats seront à adresser par courriel ou courrier postal au

    Université de Fribourg

    Faculté de Science et Médecine 

    Département OMI



    Ch. du Musée 18

    1700 Fribourg



    Professor Curzio RÜEGG


    Sarah CATTIN


    Délais de postulation




    Pathology, Departement OMI, Faculty of Science and Medicine University of Fribourg

    We are looking for a motivated and independent laboratory technician for a cancer-related research project (development or a blood based diagnostic test for breast cancer). Knowledge of molecular biology techniques (advanced), flow cytometry (Multicolor, FACSDIVA, FlowJo) and cell culture are essential.

    Working language




    October 2020



    two years


    Motivation letter, certificate, and CV has to be sent by e-mail or sent by mail to 

    Université de Fribourg

    Faculté de Science et Médecine 

    Département OMI



    Ch. du Musée 18

    1700 Fribourg



    Professor Curzio RÜEGG


    Sarah CATTIN


    Deadline for applications