Spierer Research Group

Laboratory for Neurorehabilitation Science

We are an interdisciplinary research team developing, validating and implementing plasticity-based cognitive enhancement and neurorehabilitation interventions. 



March 2020: The LNS has a new paper accepted for publication in Neuroimage on the effect of  acute alcohol intoxication on inhibitory control publications


Feb 2020: The LNS in the steering comittee of the new CAS in Neuroscience and Education: here!

Jan 2020: The LNS speaks about videogames and their use for rehabilitation in Universitas (auf Deutsch!) Read Article

Jan 2020: We welcome N Mory as a clinical research assistant to support our work on post-stroke functional recovery, welcome!

Nov 2019: Our second Registered Report receives In Principle Acceptance in Cortex. An important move towards more open and reproductible science!

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