Where is Ukraine going?Published on 20.08.2019

Officiel documents about the debate on "autocephaly"

For a long time there were several Orthodox churches in Ukraine that did not recognize each other. On January 6, 2019, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople signed a charter (Tomos) for a newly founded "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" and awarded her autocephaly: independence and the right to self-government. Only a part of the Orthodox bishops of Ukraine joined this Church.
Where did the recent developments bring the Orthodox Church in Ukraine? to a newly achieved unity and independence? on a "minefield," as Archbishop Anastasios of Albania says? in a worse split than before the autocephaly?
This volume allows to form an opinion by German translations of official ecclesiastical documents, starting with the "Tomos of autocephaly" up to the rejection of Tomos by one of his addressees. An introduction and comments make the documents understandable to a wider audience. The documentation reveals questions - especially about the nature and gouvernment of the church - that also affect the ecclesial life in the West.

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