WorkshopPublié le 05.10.2020

On Testimony and Beyond

On Testimony and Beyond

Friday 6 November  2020, University, Miséricorde, Room: MIS04 4112 (Salle Jäggi)

9:30-10:15 Tanja Rechnitzer (University of Bern)
“Public Understanding of Science as a Goal of Science Communication”
10:15- 11:00 Federica Malfatti (University of Innsbruck)
“Do we deserve credit for everything we understand?”
11:30-12:15 Isabel Kaeslin (University of Fribourg)
“Personal Boundaries and (Gendered) Justice”

13:45-14:30 Laura Silva (University of Geneva)
“Oppressive Testimony”
14:30-15:15 Melanie Altanian (University CollegeDublin)
“Testimonial Injustice through Moral Ignorance: A moral or epistemic failure, or one in virtue of the other?”

15:45-16:30 Maude Ouellette-Dubé (University of Fribourg)
“Moral compass or moral GPS: what does the puzzle of moral testimony really teach us about moral agency?”
16:30-17:15 Magalie Schor (University of Geneva)
“Learning from others how to be epistemically virtuous”

Please note that the current sanitary conditions force us to reduce the number of possible attendees. If you wish to attend, please contact: