Department of Psychology

Our Department introduces students to psychology, a science that deals with human experience and behaviour. The Department of Psychology consists of a young and dynamic team of researchers with international resonance and a strong presence in the media. The studies in Freiburg are characterized by a trilingual environment as well as by a pleasant atmosphere created by human-sized structures and easy contacts with the teaching staff.



Fakultätspreis/Prix de la Faculté for Viviana Leupin.

Viviana Leupin was awarded the Faculty Award for her Master thesis entitled "The neural response to heartbeats determines the emergence of conscious awareness at a sensory threshold". The award acknowledges…

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Virtual Reality elicits natural social behavior

In recent years, research in social attention and cognition (again) saw a discussion around the appropriateness of presenting stimuli on a computer screen - e.g. human faces displaying various emotional…

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Prof. Camos is new Associate Editor

Congratulations to Prof. Valerie Camos for been the new Associate Editor of Developmental Review, a journal among the top 3 journals in developmental psychology in the world and the most renown for publications…

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Psychology teaching at the University of Fribourg has 3 branches: Bachelor, Master and Postgrade.

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The Psychology department consists of 12 units and research groups.

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