Michael Ackert

diploma in psychology



Psychology of Religion 

Structural Equation Modelling 

Research and publications

  • Publications in the field of psychotherapy research
    • Flückiger, C., Del Re, A. C., Horvath, A. O., Symonds, D., Ackert, M., & Wampold, B. E. (2013). Substance use disorders and racial/ethnic minorities matter: A meta-analytic examination of the relation between alliance and outcome. Journal of counseling psychology, 60(4), 610.
    • Flückiger, C., Zinbarg, R. E., Znoj, H., & Ackert, M. (2014). Resource activation in generalized anxiety—An observer-based microprocess analysis of patients’ in-session outcomes. Psychotherapy, 51(4), 535.