Open Data


Data repositories provide long-term online access to research data. 

The SNSF expects its funded researchers to put at least all data underlying a publication on an open repository as soon as the publication is available.

UNIFR so far, does not have an own institutional data repository. Researchers wishing to provide permanent access to their data are asked to either use an appropriate disciplinary repository (see global registry of research data repositories ) or a general repository like figshare or ZENODO.

The SNSF gives some examples for general data repositories that fulfil their requirements. Also the SNSF allows applicants to request funds for data preparation, upload and validation. Data download is not covered. The SNSF may allocate up to CHF 10,000 for these activities.

Before selecting a repository, you need to consider the licence issue. The choice of the repository might impose a specific licence for sharing your data like e.g. Creative Commons. In case of doubt regarding licence issues or intellectual property please contact UNIFR Tech Transfer.