Open Access

Open Access (OA) means free and unrestricted access to scientific publications.

Research funding agencies in Switzerland (SNSF) and in Europe (e.g. Horizon 2020) require publication in Open Access.

Two ways

In general, Open Access can be implemented in two ways: The Green and  the Golden Road, both are considered as equivalent and accepted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

Green Road

 free of charge

 free choice of journal


 Clarify copyright questions prior to publication

Golden Road

 immediately freely accessible

 cost participation by funding agencies

 Article Processing Charges (APC)

 restricted choice of journals

Open Access at the University of Fribourg

The University invites the members of the academic community to

  • retain a postprint version of their work, i.e. a version corresponding to the publication without the publisher’s layout or the last version before printing
  • to deposit this version on RERO DOC submit (subject to the rights of third parties, although most publishers allow such self-archiving)
  • or to publish their work directly in an Open Access Journal

With this request, the university would like to highlight the intellectual production property of its authors and continue the commitment it has entered into with the signing of the Berlin Declaration on 15 December 2008. It thus complies with the guidelines on Open Access issued by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The university commits to respect copyright laws, to ensure permanent linking and long-term archiving, and to provide authors with technical assistance.


Communication to the professors and scientific staff
27 October 2016 - Vice Rector Astrid Kaptijn

Open Access at the University of Fribourg - Inventory of the situation used for an Open Access university strategy
June 2016>

Vice Rector Astrid Epiney talks about Open Access on YouTube
21 October 2010

Call - Scientific Publication on RERO DOC
2 December 2008 

Obligation to publish research results online with SNSF contribution
21 December 2007 

Information for researchers

Access to the OA portal for researchers