Published on 07.11.2019

Dr. Serjoscha Evers was awarded the Romer Prize by the Society of Vetrebrate Paleontology.

The annual Alfred Sherwood Romer Prize by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) for the best student lecture was awarded to Serjoscha Evers for his talk, entitled: "New insights into the evolution of secondarily marine lifestyles, marine adaptation, and diversification of turtles". His presentation was given in front of the 79th Annual Meeting of SVP, October 2019 in Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Evers’ research encompasses the evolutionary relationships of past and present marine turtles, which evolved from land-based species and therefore had to adapt to a new environment. By analysing high-resolution X-ray CT scans of fossil and living turtles, which provided new anatomical data for turtles, he developed a new hypothesis of turtle evolution that reorganizes the turtle family tree and provides new information regarding evolution of reptile groups, including turtles, during ecological transitions.

Dr Evers, did his doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, and is currently holding a postdoc position at the group of Prof Walter Joyce at the Department of Geoscience at the University of Fribourg. 

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